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Belnusa is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural commodities company based in Indonesia, our resources mainly and mostly come from the island of North Sumatera.

About Us

Belnusa is a Sumatera Betel Nut exporter in Indonesia that provides quality products for consumer needs by helping and supporting local farmers so that they impact the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

Our Betel Nuts Product is manufactured from Medan. The best one quality in Indonesia. And shipped out from Port of Belawan, Indonesia. Our focus is on supporting and empowering local farmers by establishing an effective and efficient supply chain. Through this, we aim to deliver the finest, high-quality commodities that meet the demands of both domestic and international markets worldwide.

Our Products

Round Areca Nut is a form of Areca Nut which goes through to several drying process after being separated from the fibers of the fruit; first, Areca Nut will be dried in the oven and afterward our Areca Nut will being through sun-dried process, for approximately 5 days until it reaches our standardization moisture content which is 5%.

Quality : 90/95, 80/85, 70/75
Moisture : 5% / as request
Polish : Yes
Type : Round / Split
Color : Natural brown
Size : 2-3 cm
Package : Gunny bags
MOQ : 18 MT / 1x20ft container
Supply ability : Up to 500 MT/month
Oven+sun dried : Yes

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High Performance

We encourage optimal performance improvement by working professionally and providing excellent service in every aspect.


We maintain customer trust with integrity, commitment and honesty.

Growing Together

We believe growing and working together with our suppliers, buyers and authorities will create mutually beneficial partnerships.


We maintain customer trust with integrity, commitment and honesty.

Join us to create a better future for farmers!

To be a betel nut commodity company that has a positive change in the agro-industry in Indonesia that benefits everyone involved, from farmers to consumers.

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